Body as technology, touch as art form

MIM is a Touch Choreography. It uses inter-personal touch as form of expression, proposing an intimate experience of 30 minutes where sound and touch guide the participants through an immersive journey, senses merge into new combinations, altering their state, connecting body and mind into abstract realms.

According to Marshall McLuhan‘s punchline “the medium is the message”, each media technology (book, tv, smartphone for example) has a specific way to stimulate our different senses. This has a determining impact on our construction of reality. Today, in the advent of the screen culture, more humans suffer from visual hypertrophy and social touch deficit; This inter-personal touch practice is an occasion to re-balance our perception of reality;

As an art form dedicated to the sense of touch, it opens a window on the variety of human tactility, emancipating itself from the functional formats of therapies and normative social interactions. 

Touch Choreography

At the crossings of digital art and somatics, Touch Choreography is a contemporary art form.
It is the art or practice of designing sequences of movements, to be performed onto the bodies of a public (tactators), experienced by them as a tactile experience.
Receiving the Touch Choreography in a state of receptivity (non active), allows the public to become the audience of their own sensations: to observe the dance happening onto the stage of their body.

About the artists

Jacques-André Dupont defines himself as a sensation composer. He holds a BA in media studies and a digital film post production MA. Over the past seven years he worked as a director in Paris, then developed as a media artist in Berlin, mainly using the projection mapping medium. In 2012, driven by the desire to deepen his body awareness through creative processes, he took part in the experimental performance program SMASH Berlin, followed by the “dance, context & choreography” program at HZT – UDK Berlin. In parallel he has inquired on alternative healing and bodywork techniques. He studies now biodynamic craniosacral therapy. THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE is a Touch Choreography where he brings together elements of media theories and synaesthetic composition into a sensible tactile experience.

Francesca Penzo is an italian, choreographer, artist and performer based in Berlin & Italy. Francesca Penzo graduated from the Academy of Dance & Theater, Paolo Grassi Milano in 2009 and in 2011 graduated with a degree in Culture and Human Rights from the Faculty of Political Science. She is a founding performer of the Italian contemporary dance company Fattoria Vittadini, whom she has danced with since 2009. She has performed with Lucinda Childs, Maya Weinberg, Matanicola, Maya Carrol, Jan Claude Penchenat and Enzo Cosimi.

Claire Bluteau is an actress, perfomer, and fasciatherapist based in Paris. She works with several theater companies, teaches theater, physical expression, voice technique. Her work and researches are based on sensoriality, movement, and perceptions. She likes to open new fields and exchange experiences.

Clément Destephen is an electronic music composer and music instrument designer based in Berlin.
He studied digital engineering in France and music technology at McGill University, Canada. Since 2012, he builds synthesizers and creates modular environments at Native Instruments, Germany. As a composer he is exploring formats, making music for performance arts, installations and film.
Clément´s musical style is tinted of his classical roots and of indian music spirit. He inhabits places of spacious and fine electronic textures, bringing the public into deep states.

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Alexa: “It was playful and conceptual at the time, a choreography of hands. I could visualize the movements on my body.”

Carolina: “It felt like sound was coming out from my skin!”

Madalina: “You perform visuals on the body.”

Karim: “I go regularly to massage, but I never experienced something like this, where sound makes one with the movement,  it’s art.”

Senem “It is a new approach, I discovered a new kind of touch, different from what I knew before. I felt like a landscape, a desert, natural elements and then the sea. Also my emotional state transformed completely.”

Reya: “ I felt my body like a landscape, like a theater where things happen.”

Johanna ” The fact that I was passive allowed me to surrender and take the distance from where I could observe. I was a forest, then a swamp where I could observe the life moving, evolving and see these little things we don’t care about as human usually.”

Kiana: “It’s like being played as a music instrument! It brought me into myself, in listening more inside my body.”

Lynn: “Thank you, you opened something in me. I rarely appreciate to be touched in my daily life.”

Remco: “I accessed forgotten memories of a dream.”

Manuel: “I often feel frustrated when I go to see a dance piece because I would like to experience the movement in my own body. Here my body was the stage of a dance, I could experience the movement in my own body. “

Maria Giulia “I was able to take distance from my body and observe what was happening. The music helped a lot to enter this special state…. I felt different states of matter, I was not human anymore, like an abstract surface… Many playful moments, I was a paper sheet being written onto, then a rock being modeled, sculpted by hands…”

Barbara: “The warm and gentle touch gave me security to dive into a reverie. The music allowed me to go deeper… I was in water, running, walking.”

Robin: “I felt I had wings and could feel their movement… it was a lot of pleasure.”

Monica: “I was running in the woods, then I lost the limits of my body and entered very graphic state, like being a painting.”

Nicolas: “I entered a meditative state, it was deeply relaxing yet very physical, like a journey into myself. I lost the limits of my body, I felt warm and secure like in a womb, then a lot of life happening through me, then feeling of being born, then I visualized rhythms of dots.”

Barbara: “You connected different parts of my body. I was accessing different rooms in my body and opened them. I had the choice if visit or not. I travelled inside myself but with distance so i could perceive what was going on inside.”

Julek: ” It was a sensation of home, of being accepted, of care. Some memories of childhood came to my mind… I felt into a ritual of alignment, adjustment.”